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My story

How hygiene has changed my life and how I can help you do it.

Ciao mi chiamo Silvia, e voglio raccontarti qualcosa di più su di me.

Dal 2012 ho scelto di eliminare i prodotti di origine animale, dalla mia alimentazione e dalla mia vita, inizialmente per migliorare il mio stato di salute, ma la scelta etica è arrivata dopo aver iniziato a lavorare per un allevatore di maiali.

Non ero praticamente in grado di cucinare nulla, non sapevo da dove iniziare, ma per fortuna quasi subito ho "inciampato" nel blog di Valdo Vaccaro, uno dei massimi esponenti italiani di Igienismo Naturale, mi si è aperto un mondo, ho avuto da subito una visione completamente diversa della vita, della malattia e della salute.

Hello, my name is Silvia, and I want to tell you something more about me.

Since 2012 I have chosen to eliminate products of animal origin from my diet and from my life, initially to improve my health, but the ethical choice came after I started working for a pig farmer.

I was practically unable to cook anything, I didn't know where to start, but luckily I almost immediately "stumbled" on the blog ofValdo Vaccaro, one of the greatest Italian exponents of Natural Hygienism, a world opened up to me, I immediately had a completely different vision of life, illness and health. 

I fell in love with this lifestyle, based mainly on a whole raw vegetable diet, even if there is much more.

I started applying his advice, obtaining incredible results on my health and weight, but also on my mood and character. 

My life has completely revolutionized, I studied to become a natural cook at theJoy Academyby the starred chef Pietro Leemann, and now I am the owner (together with my husband) and cook of a vegan restaurant in Canton Ticino, where I live.

But my vocation remains to help people feel better thanks to  natural hygiene, for this reason I started studying seriously, I attend theNatural Hygiene Academy e since 2020 I have graduated fromHealth Science University to be able to help those who want to approach this wonderful lifestyle. 

So what is ReWild LifeSystem? 

ReWild LifeSystem is a project that was created to help people live better and is based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  1. A diet based on physiological food, predominantly raw whole vegetable, not only the only one we might be able to eat without fire and weapons, but closely linked to ethical and ecological implications.

  2. Physical activity, essential to keep the body young and active, to release tension, to help the excretory organs in their cleaning work.

  3. The management of emotions, the fundamental fulcrum of a healthy life. Stress acidifies the body more than the worst food, eating well but living constantly under stress is useless. In this case, yoga or any preferred relaxation technique can help. 

  4. Spirituality, in fact we are not only body and emotions, but we are also composed of subtle bodies and our soul also needs to feel good and to be "pampered". Hence, meditation/contemplation, Reiki, mantra recitation or any favorite spiritual practice can help to find that necessary balance to live to the best of our possibilities. 

The lack of balance between all these factors can cause physical or emotional discomfort, the best thing is certainly to do everything necessary to prevent this from happening, the watchword is PREVENTION. 

If you want to discover the secrets to live to the fullest of your possibilities, contact me and together we will choose the path that best suits your needs. 

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